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June 14th




Wednesday, June 14th



Come see all your favorite Models for our

Pajama Party 2.0!

Sexy, cute, comfy - Slippers, fuzzy socks, or stockings? You'll find our Models in a variety of different sleepwear for our Spring Pajama Party! (without the sleeping :))

Not all RSVP will be accepted. No-shows banned  - do NOT RSVP unless you can attend 100%!

If our guest list is full, we will notify you that you have been added to our waitlist, and you will be sent a confirmation if a spot opens up!

Anyone who attended our April 13th Party will have $50 entry fee!!

$60 entry for everyone else if you RSVP by Midnight on June 13th!

❤️ Open Bar all night!

❤️ Sessions cost $20 for 10 minutes per Model

❤️ Private Rooms Available!

With our party schedule soon being set for the rest of the year, we will be opening a suggestion box at the Bar for party theme requests!

Entrance Fee:

$80 ------>$60

In addition to our party Models, the following FootSpot Models will be making a guest appearance!

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