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How To Book


To book a session...

Keep In Mind:

tip the models!

  • We are your fantasy makers. The Models are providing a specialized service and you should tip them.

Know What You Want

  • ​If you are new, that’s OK too. It's completely fine to come to us with zero idea of what you actually might want but then come with an open mind. Clients who allow the Models to work with them and try out new things are fun! Either way, come in with an open mind or a clear idea. If your first choice Model isn't on board with your request - we can direct you to one of the girls who are!

Communicate Your Boundaries Clearly

  • Clear communication around boundaries are vital to having a good session. A play session is just like any other experience — you have to be consenting, and communication needs to be across the board for everyone. We’re here because we love kink and want to give it our all in our sessions. We expect you to communicate with us so this can be a safe and fun experience. This road goes both ways - ALWAYS respect our Models boundaries and do not push for services they do not provide. 

**All of our sessions are done legally, safely, and professionally in a private environment.

By booking an appointment through FootSpot, understand any and all of the activities you choose to engage in, and all the risks involved, if any, for your safety. We will NEVER engage in any illegal/sexual activities, or activities deemed life-threatening.

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