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Where are you located?

We are located in Midtown, Manhattan. You will receive the exact location at the time of your booking!​

Is this legal?  

Yes! Foot Fetish is legal in NYC. ​

Do you offer things other then Foot Fetish? 

Our girls cater to many other fetishes aside from feet (ex: Domination, Roleplay, Tickling, Pet Play, etc.). However, we are very strict on NO sexual services

How do I make a booking?

Please carefully read our How to Book page for information on how to make an appointment.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept cash or cashapp. You can pay with card  by pre-booking online.

I want a specific model to work a certain day, is that possible?

We often​ schedule our models based on their availability, and it's sometimes difficult to get them in on other days. You can always make the request, and we can try our best to accommodate!

I scheduled an appointment but I can't make it, what should I do?

Please immediately notify​ us of your cancellation. We understand unexpected things come up! However, if you are repeatedly canceling your bookings it may result in a ban. No-Shows are immediately banned. We often have a tight schedule, so if you take up a time slot and don't show up it's unfair to the model.

I called a few times and no one answered.

Our phone gets super busy, and there is only one girl on per shift at a time so if she gets booked up she cannot answer the phone. But please leave a message and one of us will get back to you discreetly asap. You can also Book Online for future appointments!

Can I make requests?

Of course!​ You can make a variety of requests - special type of shoe, nail polish color, smelly feet, stockings, ect! Just please note that it is often difficult for the girls to take same-day requests. Please book at least one day in advance with your request!

I made a request, but it wasn't fulfilled!

Occasionally ​a model will be unable to fulfill your request - she may not have the specific shoe your asking for, ect. Sometimes the other models forget to relay the request. If this happens please send us an email, so we can find out what happened to better the communication for the future!

If you have any questions we haven't covered, or any concerns please contact us directly at

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Be sure to speak with your model regarding requests and specialties as she may charge extra.
Don't forget that the initial fee to book does not all go to the Model - This is how we continue to provide a space for everyone.

30 minutes | $140

This is the minimum to book a session - we do not provide discounts if you do not utilize your full 30 minutes.

1 Hour | $190

Be aware that if you book for an hour, you cannot change it to 30minutes after you've arrived. The Models often turn down other bookings for the same time slots. 

**Any bookings over 1 hour will require a deposit to be made, unless you are are a regular and the Model you are booking with can confirm.

**Any bookings over 2 hours will have to be requested through e-mail, and approved by management. A deposit will be required. Verified Regulars only.

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