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Shoe 8.5

Sensual - 10
Dominant - 3
Ticklish - 4
Smelly Feet - 2



  • Foot/Shoe/Heel worship

  • Human furniture (Giving or Receiving)

  • Trampling

  • Stockings

  • Submissive (on a client by client basis)

  • Requests welcome

  • Deep conversations

Lucy is a sweetheart. An adorable girl from the Midwest.


She has beautiful feet with an elegant high arch.

Enthusiastic consent for both parties is sacred and the standard. Lucy is a great conversationalist.

In her free time, she loves listening to jazz and  going to the symphony, opera, and ballet. She loves sewing and making her own clothes and reading about history. 

Outcall dinner/lunch date companionship:  $200/hour

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