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Shoe 8



Sensual - 10
Dominant - 10
Ticklish - 7
Smelly Feet - 8

  • Foot & Shoe Worship

  • BDSM/Domination        (Light to Extreme)

  • Role play

  • Sensual Sessions

  • Collaring / Pet Play

  • Body Worship

  • Spitting

  • Humiliation/Degradation

  • Edging 

  • Trampling/ Ball-busting / Smothering

  • Face-sitting (on a client by client basis)

  • Human Furniture 

  • Tease & Denial

  • Smelly feet sessions (advanced notice required!!)

  • Double Sessions & Couples Welcome

  • Requests welcome

“Desire is a spiritual/emotional impulse that inspires us to move to something greater, to embrace change. If we do not desire anything, the senses shut down. We lose our aliveness. We have no impetus to move forward. The object of desire may not be necessary, but the feeling of desire is the soul’s longing to move forward…desire is not the trap, but the fuel for action. It is the object of desires that often get confused.” 

-Anodea Judith


I believe that anyone who has a sincere foot fetish is not confused by what their desires are. 

It is the kind of  thing that claims you, once you know you have it - you couldn't let it go if you tried. 

(If you feel confused by this, know that I don't) 


The majority of US culture, in regard to sexuality and fetish desires (at least), aims to repress, and shame these natural curiosities and longings of our organic humanness.

It is predominantly led by the ignorance of those chained to a puritanical worldview, that ultimately breeds more emotionally and mentally damaging effects on people.


Here, in this space with me, is a place for shame to dissipate. 

It is a place for safety that welcomes release, peace, and joy.

What I do is hold and facilitate unforgettable moments in time for your desire (and mine as well, of course), imagination, and pleasure to manifest itself in the physical world in real time - not in your mind...not on a screen.


I am a confident natural Sensual Dom, and am charmingly sassy, can be the brat you love to get told off by, and have absolutely witty characteristics that make sessions with me fun, inviting, playful, and hot.

I know myself to be a chameleon by nature, an artist and intellectual with a dynamic & silly humor.

Genuinely a sweetheart, I love to share this part of myself, but only when you’re under my feet :)

Do not mistake my sweetness for my ability to tease the absolute fuck out of you, and make you beg for the soft lily-pad of my soles.


I am skilled with beginners ready to explore their foot fantasies, as well as seasoned darlings who take delight in their fetish that feel at home with who they know themselves to be in this environment.


You may sense a mystical, and spiritual aspect to our time together.

It is because the service here offered is sacred and will be respected as such.

Come, if you feel beckoned. 

Your interest, curiosity, vulnerability, desire and longing to submit are what keep me energized and excited. 


I hope to meet you <3


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