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Shoe 8



Sensual - 10
Dominant - 10
Smelly Feet - 7

  • Foot & Shoe Worship*

  • BDSM/Domination

  • Collaring / Pet Play*

  • Spitting - Spanking - Slapping

  • Humiliation/Degradation

  • Trampling/ Ball-busting

  •  Human Furniture* 

  • Smelly feet sessions (advanced notice required!!)

I believe that anyone who has a sincere foot fetish is not confused by what their desires are. 

It is the kind of thing that claims you: once you know you have it - you couldn't let it go if you tried. 

(If you feel confused by this, know that I don't) 


The space here is a healing one. The space here with me is one where you are submissive.

It is a place for safety that welcomes release, peace, and joy.


While I am a natural Domme, I occasionally enjoy sessions that are more sensual. I can be the brat you love to get told off by, making sessions with me fun, inviting, playful, and hot.


I am skilled with beginners ready to explore their foot fantasies, as well as with seasoned darlings who take delight in their fetish and feel at home with who they know themselves to be in this environment.


I hope to meet you <3

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