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Shoe Size


  • Foot worship

  • VERY Stinky feet

  • Sensual Sessions

  • Role play

  • Playful Dominance

  • Trampling/Kicking

  • Requests welcome

  • Back massage w. My feet


Sensual - 10

Dominant - 9

Ticklish - 7

Smelly Feet - 10


Looking for a  blend of Sensualism & dominance?  Vivienne here at your service!  As a medical student and D1 Athlete, I’ve mastered the art of switching roles to fit who I’m working or playing with ;).  I am a true people pleaser, and will not only work to make your fantasy come to fruition- but I will make you feel like more than just another business transaction.  I love building a relationship with my clients & getting to know them so I can perform during sessions without too much literal direction.  My goal is that after your first session with me all you have to do is show up, sit back and enjoy.  Born and raised in NYC, nothing surprises me, so please don’t be shy-I don’t do awkward, so If you have a request let me know so I can do my best to accomodate.  

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