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Shoe 8



Sensual - 10

Dominant - 8

Ticklish - 7

Smelly Feet - 4

  • Foot and shoe worship

  • Role Play Collaring/Pet Play

  • Impact Play

  • Age Play

  • Clown Play

  • Exhibitionism

  • Gender Bending

  • Body Worship

  • Spitting

  • Humiliation/Degradation

  • Praise/affirmation

  • Edging

  • Pegging

  • Trampling

  • Golden Showers

  • Face-sitting

  • Human Furniture

  • Taboo Fantasies

  • Conversationalist

 Have you been secretly struggling and just trying to get through the day until tomorrow? Do you feel weighed down by personal, secret burdens and need to unwind? You’re not weird or alone; fetish, and role play fantasies can be great tools to help find that release and inner relaxation to help you get through a hard day without drowning in guilt, shame, or judgement.



With a lifetime experience in nerd and fandom culture, I am EXTREMELY open-minded, fun, enthusiastic, and ready to collaborate with you to have the best experience possible! I take the time to discuss your desires, your hard nos, and everything in-between. I’m an expert in active listening, connection, and positive regard.

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