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Shoe 6


Sensual - 10
Dominant - 10
Ticklish - 7
Smelly Feet - 8


• Foot worship

• Domination

• Hitting / Spitting / Spanking

• Collaring / pet play

• Role play

• Edge play

• Rope play

• Tickling

• Humiliation       

• Sissification  

• Trampling

• Double domination/play- I like partnering !

Brought up in Texas, I’m a quick switch and love to push boundaries. Holding a strong New England university background, and an artist by trade- Everything I am, I owe to insatiable curiosity.


My current obsession: Potential Energy - the energy possessed by a mass/body by virtue of its position relative to others, stresses within itself, electric charge, and other factors.


What happens when we apply that to the nature of human sensuality? Let’s find out. I am a switch, and like to curate what I bring to the table based on your desires. I can be merciless and degrading, and soft as an angel in the same throw. Life imitates art, or that art imitates life.. I’m not really sure which it is.

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