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Shoe 7

Sensual - 10
Dominant - 9
Ticklish - 10
Smelly Feet - 10



  • Foot worship

  • Domination

  • Role play

  • Tickling

  • Humiliation 

  • Pet play

  • Trampling 

  • Human furniture 

  • Wiping/spitting/spanking

  • Smothering

  • Double sessions

  • Requests welcome

Italian beauty, born and raised in Sicily, Italy. Came to America looking for diversity and adventure and here in New York I think I finally found it!


“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” 


 I'm just a normal young woman with an extremely open-mind, I comfortable in my own skin and I am intrigued by the fetish world. There’s are so many ins and outs of this industry and I continue to learn everyday.


“You’re only young and beautiful once, 

you might as well use it!”


I am not only beauty I also have the brains. I am a college graduate currently pursuing a masters degree. The FootSpot gives me the opportunity to meet new people, experience new things, and help people who are trapped in their shell crack out of it.


“Don’t be shy, come say hi!”


I’ve been doing foot fetish for a while now and over my time here I’ve come to notice many men and woman I see often keep their fetishes a secret, they’d love to know ways to find a partner that interested in the things they are, or how to bring up the topic to their current partner without sounding “weird” or scaring them off.  I’m going to let you in on a little secret..we ALL have fetishes.


“Fetish is like a fine wine, some people say they don’t like it. I say you just haven’t found the one for you,yet”


The FootSpot is your new safe place. My job is to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Sit,chat,relax,and enjoy. I’m here to listen,help, and hopefully make your fantasies come true. 

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