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Shoe Size


Sensual - 10

Dominant - 9.5

Ticklish - 4

Smelly Feet - 5

  • Face/Neck massage with my feet 

  • Foot worship

  • Findom

  • Domination:  physical domination, male bondage, rope play, whipping, spitting, spanking, trampling

  • Teasing

  • Nail Tracing 

  • Role Play

  • Biting conversationalist 

  • Cuddling 



College graduate 

Don't be shy 

I love to keep you on your toes, while i distract 

Curious kitty 

Lost enthralled 

Laugh explode 



If you're looking for a sensual seductress that will entrance you with her exotic presence and fiery persona, Cassandra is your girl!  As alluring as she is ascendant, you will get lost in the stare of her deep brown eyes and bewitched by her touch; if you are so lucky.  She has a very free flowing nature and can't be tied down to one coast, let alone one man. Both coasts helped to develop her diverse nature; stern and often first perceived as bitchy, yet direct, upfront honest, warm and yet naturing.   


On the whim of a friend who suggested she try foot parties she fell in love with her newfound outlet.  Her first draw was her love to be worshipped, adored and praised.   And besides what girl doesn't love a good foot massage after a long day on her feet.  The foot world unlocked other fetishes and particularly domination.  It all clicked for here; even as a little girl Cassandra was meant to exude her dominance.   Since kindergarten she was a bratty, bossy girl; being chastised by the teacher for bossing all the other children around and receiving all the accommodations for "works well independetly".   Now she delights in finding that special bond with a select few she can be her natural bossy bratty self, cozy up with, indulge in good ole foot play, cuddle, perhaps some light bdsm, and share all your skanky secrets.   


Come reveal your fantasies, desires, wishes to her and enjoy the adventure that ensues.  

She often flits back and forth between NY and LA, come see her soon because she could be gone in the blink of an eye. 


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