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Shoe Size

Sensual - 10
Dominant - 10
Ticklish - 10
Smelly Feet - 10

  • -foot worship

  • -face/neck massage with feet

  • -back massage with feet

  • -very stink feet

  • -roleplay

  • spitting/whipping/trampling/

  • -findom

  • -teasing

  • -conversationalist



Hi there, I'm Carly!


I am a tall Amazon goddess who loves to play and have her feet worshiped. I have long black hair, enticing green eyes, strong legs, and an amazing ass. I have an extremely open mind so you do not need to be shy. Role play is my specialty, I can make any fantasy come to life!


As a dancer my body is super flexible and so are my feet. I enjoy escaping reality and becoming your ultimate dream. Whether you fantasize about a sweet girlie girl, or a dominant amazon queen, I can make it happen! I’ll put you in your place with my feet! I enjoy dancing, playing dress up, teasing, and pedicures!


See you soon xoxo

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